The Photobooth Magic

A strange and wonderful magic happens behind the Photobooth curtains.

People lose their inhibitions, relax completely and just have the greatest fun. The result is really natural and often very funny pictures, creating a unique record of your wedding, party or event and catching its athmosphere in a very different way than formal photographs.

Your guests will love looking at each others pictures, admiring some results, having a good laugh at others and generally seeing who got most creative in the Photobooth!

More often than not people come back for a second or even a third go - which is no problem, rental of the photobooth includes unlimited sessions, so they can return as often as they wish.

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest on having a photo booth rental as a part of some special event or occasion. Having a photo booth rental seems to give a unique, fun and exciting twist to parties and other events. With a photo booth rental, you can get instant snapshots of your friends, relatives and loved ones. No problem, it's just as easy as that. Photo booths are fast becoming a regular fare in party circuits. Even famous Hollywood parties can't seem to get enough of them. A lot of people seem to have become nostalgic about their past. It seems that photo booths offer them a chance to relive their memories once again. Have a chance to experience those days when you and your friends frequented the malls to have your photos taken at the neighborhood photo booth. You can once again relive those days but this time, you can get your classic photos taken from a special photo booth that you can rent for your reunions, parties and other events.